Hunting dogs

Hunting dogs

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Hunting dogs, but what breed, and what breeds, of dogs are they? And what are the differences between the various sub-categories? Let's go and discover them by throwing ourselves after the hunting dogs best known, each with their own abilities and peculiarities. And its nose. THE hunting dogs in general, even if the name sounds ominous, they have it really cute.

All breeds of hunting dogs around today are the result of sweaty selections to obtain animals that could provide the best service alongside, or at the service, of the hunter man. There are various types of hunting and hunter, many situations to be faced during an outing, so there are various types of hunting dogs.

Specifically we have the pointing dogs, retrievers, tracking dogs, burrow dogs and blood or trail dogs. They all are hunting dogs, but you will notice the differences, they are by no means interchangeable, not all of them at least. And don't you dare tell them, they are also proud.

Hunting dogs: standing

THE hunting dogs of the stationary category are animals which, having identified the prey, usually wild, stop at the point or when stationary, indicating its presence to the hunter. Their name, therefore, indicates that they do not pursue the chase as we will see do other colleagues of theirs hunting dogs: pointing dogs stop and report to their master. From the series: "now it's your turn".

In the past these dogs sat on their hind legs, but today prey signaling occurs mostly in an upright position, with one foreleg raised and quivering, almost trembling. If the English setter owes its name to the ancient sitting posture - from "to sit", to sit down - the Pointer it is so called because pointing dogs are also called point dogs.

THE hunting dogs of this subgroup are used above all for pheasants, partridges, gray partridges, which is why the term 'feather hunting' also appears in history. Among the races we remember the Italian Bracco, from which all the French and then all the European beams are derived, and the aforementioned pointer and setter.

Hunting dogs: retrievers

If I am carrying over i hunting dogs of this category is because they recover the game once it has been shot down by the hunter. An example is the Golden Retriever, another is the Labrador Retriever. These two are the best known of the 6 hunting dogs forming the group of "Retrievers", the others are the Flat-Coated Retriever (also known as hedgehog Curly Coated Retriever), the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the Curly Coated Retriever and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Known and less known, it doesn't matter, all of these hunting dogs they have a wonderful character, in fact they are very popular even as companion dogs even if they were born as Working Dogs. Sociable, they never bite, they stand guard only by barking, Retrievers are hunting dogs anomalous because they are always happy and available, with sweet eyes and sweet ways.

In addition to being hunting dogs, retriever dogs are used for pet therapy, to search for missing persons and also to help the Alpine Rescue and Civil Protection in the search for missing persons. Many visually impaired and blind people have hunting dogs of this type as a guide, but there are also some engaged in operations anti-drug and anti-explosives.

Hunting dogs: from below

To find and chase prey, especially furred game, and push them towards hunters, the hunting dogs perfect are the following dogs. The best pursuers who make their masters happy are the Italian Hound, the Italian strong-haired hound, the Hound Swiss, the Posavatz Hound, the German Hound and our friend Beagle, more precisely the Beagle-Harrier.

Hunting dogs: from lair

The name says it all too well, i hunting dogs from lair they dig out the preys, but above all and before that they creep into even the most inaccessible burrows. These hunting dogs so they have been selected from generation to generation to have a small and strong physique and sneak into the homes of wild animals such as the rate or the fox.

They flush out these prey, then leave the final satisfaction to the hunter who can take them down. Among the breeds of hunting dogs with these characteristics we have the Fox Terrier and the dachshund, their physique fully fits the description I have given you.

Hunting dogs: from blood or track

If they have to follow the trail, that of blood usually i hunting dogs of this subgroup must have a particularly developed sense of smell. With them the wounded game has no escape, it may well run away and hide but these champions arrive and peck them immediately. In the woods, among bushes and trees, i hunting dogs from the track, having found the track, they begin a dialogue with the hunter master in which they give clues about the movements so that he can then bring home the victorious prey.

The most committed and well-known breeds are the Bloodhound, the Bavarian Hound and the Hanoverian Hound. They are all visibly German, they all show passion, endurance, patience, continuity, and above all capacity for reflection. A prey that certainly hates these hunting dogs it is the wild boar: he often runs away wounded, they find him inexorably.

Hunting dogs: breeds to know

Between hunting dogs of the "stationary" category on English Setter it shines and has every reason for it. His ancestors are the dogs called in France "Chiens d’Oysels" (poultry dogs), but they are proud English and also a little difficult to train: it takes finesse of spirit, firmness of spirit, ability to discuss it.

Fatigue rewarded by their exceptional flair, and by their unparalleled qualities of decision and resourcefulness. The English Setter is not a hunting dog which remains at our side: it travels miles and miles to look for prey, it is also a good swimmer of great resistance. It goes fast and far, aims and waits for the master, as long as the master takes. It is also perfect for hunters who are no longer very young or with a relaxed pace.

Another famous star of the category hunting dogs and the English pointer, always pointing dog is and is considered the esthete of the category, the "thoroughbred". He has speed, resistance both in water and on land, has a refinement of nose and movements that make him almost aristocratic, because he runs with his head held high, always proud. Yet he is very sporty and has no intention of adapting to those who see hunting as a cross country loitering. The Pointer he trains quickly, besides his nose he also has an extraordinary memory.

Less known, always standing still, is the hunting dog said Breton spaniel. From France he arrives on the scene sporting a sport, he is the fastest among the "chiens" - among the pointing dogs French - and it is also the smallest, at 15 kg. This breed is suitable for various uses, therefore perfect for a hunter who cannot afford it hunting dogs different for each phase and for each type of soil. He, l'Epagneul Breton. It is excellent for slipping under the thickest bushes in the woods but also in the Mediterranean scrub or in an aquatic environment, such as in marshes.

Also in France we go to know “le Grand Gascon Saintongeois" that is a hunting dog this time by track. Follows the blood and, compared to most of the others hunting dogs, it cannot also be considered a companion dog. It has a fast pace and a great finesse of nose, it lends itself to horse hunting of all animals, especially the hare, the wolf and the roe deer.

In fact, it is a practice in which persevering, stubborn dogs are required, capable of finding a very weak track: just like our French hunting dog, considered a master in hare hunting and possessor of a very beautiful, low-key, exciting voice. If you are not its prey.

Training of hunting dogs

Hunting dogs are trained by humans to bring the prey back "intact", exploiting the typical behavior of the wolf with which after capturing a prey it brings it back to its young.

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