Diaper disposal systems, useful info

Diaper disposal systems, useful info

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Disposal of diapers: nappy disposal systems to make life easier for mothers. How many diapers are needed per day and how to best manage them. If you then want to use the washable nappies, it would be great, there is nothing to dispose of in that case, but only to wash

Use diapers with common sense, everyone should:
- is convenient for the environment
- is suitable for mom's pockets
- it's convenient for those who take care of the newborn (who would like to spend their time changing diapers ?!)

How many diapers do you need in a day?
A newborn needs up to eight or nine diapers a day, but as the months go by, the baby defecates more rarely and so diaper changes are reduced to four or five a day.

THEdiapers, by their nature, they are resistant to humidity, water and are childproof: they must resist the movements of the little one and for this reason they are made with synthetic substances that are difficult to dispose of.

Thedisposal of diapersit is not a welcome task as the feces should be removed with toilet paper and thrown in the toilet while the diaper itself should be thrown away in the non-recyclable waste (in the unsorted dry). Adiapershould never be disposed of in a different way than described: if during an outdoor trip you decide to change your little one and throw the diaper on the street, the rain and bacteria present in nature will take over thirty years to biodegrade the fabric and almost certainly thirty years will not be enough for complete degradation.

To make it easierdisposal of diapersan ad hoc disposal system was born. Among the devices on the market we point out thediaper disposalTommee Tippee which stands out for the positive opinions of the mothers who have had the opportunity to buy it.

The system ofdiaper disposalin question manages to envelop and trap idirty diapersand related germs and odors. By using special films, it is possible to protect not only from nappy odors but also from germs and bacteria present on the surface of the diapers.

The video shows how thenappy disposal system. The explanations are in English but below is a brief description of the product, how it works, information about the cost and where to buy it.

As is clear, the system ofdiaper disposalmanages to seal each dirty nappy individually with multiple layers of antibacterial films. The container can hold up to 28 diapers without emitting bad odors.

How to use the nappy disposal system?
Just insert the diaper inside and roll it in the film. The bad smell of dirty nappies is blocked thanks to the multilayer film that acts as an antibacterial protection, killing 99% of germs in contact. It will not be necessary to exert pressure with your hands, just lower the plunger of the lid which will push the dirty diaper inside, sealing it completely.

Where to buy the nappy disposal system Tommee Tippee?
In specialized stores or with online purchases. On Amazon the product is offered at the promotional price of € 47.90 including six refills (for the duration of the refills, read the experiences and opinions of the mothers). You can read all the specifications on the Amazon page: Tommee Tippee - Diaper Disposal System.

Opinions and experiences of mothers

The house declares that the device of diaper disposalmanages to contain 28 dirty nappies, however, mothers report that with the fifth size nappies this quantity drops to 20 nappies. According to the experiences of mothers, 6 refills included in the purchase kit last about 3 months from birth, but even here it depends on the size of the diapers, so the amount of diapers that each refill can dispose of ranges from 40 to 100.

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