Eternit disposal, all the info

Theeternity disposalit can be implemented by taking advantage of the tax deductions set at 65% until the end of 2015 but which will progressively decrease to 35 percent in the coming years. Tax deductions are not specifically dedicated todisposal of eternitybut those who intend to carry out this intervention can benefit from it in the context of the restructuring bonus.

Is disposing of eternity mandatory?
Disposal itself is mandatory, because once removed eternity must be disposed of. The removal of eternity is not mandatory unless it creates direct dangers to the environment and health due to its state of degradation.

Before proceeding with thedisposal of eternityit is good practice to understand in which direction to proceed, whether with direct removal or encapsulation of asbestos. When asbestos can be encapsulated, the costs of the operation decrease drastically also because, in the case of roofing, it will not be necessary to intervene further.

In many cases, when asbestos makes up the roof of a house, after itdisposal of eternityit will be necessary to redo the roof. In this case, at the cost ofeternit disposalyou will have to add those of manpower and the purchase of the new cover. The covers can be given by the cheapest slabs (the price of which varies from 9 euros per square meter for non-insulated galvanized sheets to 15 - 16 euros for sheets with 4 cm of insulation). The highest costs are for tiles and eaves.

To the purchase costs are added those of maintenance (usually estimated around 10 euros per square meter) and the higher costs of the scaffolding which are not low if the building involved in the intervention is high (from 800 euros to 4,000 euros ). Also in this case it is possible to benefit fromtax deductionsset at 50% until 2015 (or 65% for those who choose an insulated roof with attached energy requalification of the building) or at 35% for interventions carried out until December 2016.

Asbestos remediation is not cheap at all: the costs for it eternit disposal can reach up to 500 - 1000 euros per square meter, which is why we recommend using the tax deductions provided for with the restructuring bonus of the 2015 - 2016 Stability Law.

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Do-it-yourself eternit disposal

We have already talked about it in the articleHow to dispose of eternit do it yourself.Those who want to try their hand at removing theeternityit will be able to do this only if it is a question of small quantities and above all trying not to disperse it in the environment. To remove eternity by yourself, without the help of expert companies, you will need to act with caution and above all equip yourself with protective suits, masks and glasses. Foreliminate asbestosfrom your home you must not use electric saws, hammers or other tools that can cause fractures on asbestos objects.

The asbestos removal kits consist of a mask, gloves, material to spread on asbestos objects, a protective suit ... Some administrations provide free delivery of special kits for the do-it-yourself removal of asbestos.

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