Electromagnetic waves and stress: how to defend yourself

Electromagnetic waves and stress: how to defend yourself

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The electromagnetic waves can be stressful. With very negative effects on the human body (headache, nervousness, insomnia are the most common and less severe ...). And even if to speak of electrosmog It is never easy given the delicacy of the subject and the different positions on it, we can all agree on one thing: the daily bath in an excessive electromagnetic radiation it's best if we avoid it.

So let's see how we can defend ourselves from electromagnetic waves. At least in the house, which should be our safe haven. First question: what are the domestic sources of electromagnetic radiation?

Well, to issue electromagnetic waves are all devices crossed by electricity and the list is long, inside and around the house: appliances, power lines, power lines, transformer cabins, cell phone repeaters, radio and TV transmitters, various electrical and electronic equipment. The most energy-intensive appliances are those to be feared the most, but beware of microwave ovens: if they are not airtight they are a real electromagnetic disturbance. We can defend ourselves fromdomestic electrosmog putting some simple rules into practice.

How to defend yourself from electromagnetic waves

  • Remember to turn off all appliances and electrical equipment when not in use, removing the plug if possible. The stand-by function, in addition to consuming energy, keeps the electromagnetic field active.
  • Watch the TV at a distance of at least 5 times the diagonal of the screen.
  • Forget the electric blanket, which today for luck hardly uses anymore, but also avoid keeping clock radios, televisions and radios near the bed. The metal objects in the room, for example the bed frame, amplify the harmful waves and the mirrors reflect them. It is a good rule, even if it may seem strange, to cover the mirrors with a cloth at night before going to sleep.
  • Don't forget that the electromagnetic waves they can also pass through walls, ceilings and floors. The radiation emitted by non-hernetic refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and microwave ovens is particularly strong, so avoid sleeping too close to these devices.
  • Worry that the TV antenna on the roof is not located right above your bed.
  • If you work at the computer for a long time, it may be useful to keep a quartz crystal near the monitor, to be rinsed often under running water.

How to measure electromagnetic waves

The popularity of the topic has favored the commercial spread of many devices for the do-it-yourself detection of electromagnetic radiation in the form of a microwave. However, not all of them are reliable. If you want one, I recommend that you focus on a minimally reliable product, which therefore costs a little more than the minimum (find where to buy it online below). However, if the ailments are serious and you are not satisfied with a superficial measurement, the only thing is to contact a specialist.

Here you can buy a microwave indicator

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