Microwave crisps, crunchy and golden

Microwave crisps, crunchy and golden

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Themicrowave chipscan be done without having to buy any device, however, to simplify things and make cooking more homogeneous, the web offers a wide range of accessories to make chips in the microwave.

Thechipsare those crispy fries we buy at the supermarket in bags. Repurposing them in a domestic version means saving money, avoiding the production of junk packaging and above all having a healthy, genuine product of known origin, other than certified!

As mentioned, there are many accessories that allow you to preparemicrowave chips, however, I have not used any because as always I preferred to improvise.

What do you need to do themicrowave chips?
You need either a kit like the one shown in the photo above, or kitchen utensils that you undoubtedly already have at home: a cutting board, potatoes (preferably from your garden!) And a good knife. If you can find a sheet of parchment paper, it would be useful but not essential.

You can choose to peel the potatoes or prepare excellent onesmicrowave chipsincluding peel (after all ... if McDonald's does it with its House Fries you can do it too!). Another subjective choice is the use of salt and oil. Of course, a drop of extra virgin olive oil certainly makes the chips more delicious but those who prefer can cook them naturally.

After improvising several times, I came to domicrowave chipsflavored with chives, paprika and tomato. The variations are so many and as I often tell you, the only limit is dictated by your imagination.

How to prepare themicrowave chips?

  • Slice the potatoes with millimeter thickness.
  • Dip the potatoes in a container full of water, make a first change of water and then let more starch drain.
  • Spread the potatoes on a kitchen towel, let them dry.
  • Place the potatoes in the microwave, cook at 400 watts for about 4 minutes, take them out, turn the potatoes, put them in the microwave for another 3-4 minutes.

The critical part of preparing themicrowave chipsis cooking, also because not all microwaves are calibrated with the same intensity. For this reason, it is essential to carefully follow cooking, at least for the first few times.


  • those who prefer the version with salt and oil, or want to experiment with flavored microwave chips, will have to add the seasonings at the beginning of cooking, except for some spices that must be added halfway through cooking.
  • On some microwave bases the potato chips tend to stick, in this case it will be essential to use baking paper for the microwave.
  • To adjust with the cooking times, start with 4 minutes and gradually increase by 2 minutes until you reach the perfect browning of the homemade potato chips.

For those who prefer illustrated instructions, I refer you to the video ofMaghetta Witch(yes, that's exactly what it's called, and beyond the name it looks like a smart one!) that you find below. You will notice that for the preparation of themicrowave chipsa vegetable slicer was used (which helps us to cut potatoes to very thin thicknesses) and a stand useful for separating the potatoes both in the drying phase and during cooking in themicrowave.

This slicer and basket kit is on sale on Amazon at a price of € 8.16 with free shipping. Among the reviews there are some negative ones that complain about the ineffectiveness of the blade (although in the video it seems to work very well), a reduced capacity of the basket (in fact from the photo above I point out that it can only collect 12 slices potato chips at a time, useful only for those with a wren's appetite) or the poor quality of the materials; I point out that the slicer collector cannot be put in the microwave but only the basket is made for this purpose! Before purchasing, make your evaluations.

A larger basket can be bought for € 14.89 (including shipping costs), this time the "microwave fries cooker" can contain over 50 slices ofpotato chips.

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