Cremation of dogs and cats

Cremation of dogs and cats

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Cremation of dogs and cats: a difficult issue but that must be addressed, in some way, because it is part of being the owner of a pet. Following the death, the cremation of dogs and cats it would be the solution most recommended by the relevant regulations but is objectively still little known. Or recognized as inconvenient, not very accessible. Let's see what it is and the main centers.

Faced with the death of our 4-legged friend, we often take a space at a cemetery for animals or you proceed with the burial in your garden following precise rules. Cremation of dogs and cats whether or not it is, one thing is certain: it is absolutely forbidden to disperse the corpse in bins, water, canals, aquifers or in all places that can cause pollution and spread diseases.

The corpse of a pet for both national and community provisions is material to be eliminated only at incineration plants or other plants but which are in any case recognized by the applicable law.

Chosen the way of cremation of dogs and cats, you have a choice in the choice: there are those who opt, many do, for the collective cremation, without returning the ashes, with a reduction in costs. Or there is the single cremation, with return of the ashes and the possibility, most of the times for an extra fee, to attend the cremation of dogs and cats.

Collective cremation of dogs and cats

Most masters choose the cremation of dogs and cats. The procedure, as we have said, does not admit the possibility of requesting the return of the ashes, there is a categorical legislation on the matter. The bodies are placed in the ovens all together, moreover, even if desired, it would be impossible to have the ashes of the individual animal returned, once the cremation of dogs and cats, in group.

Usually to deal with the collective cremation of cats and dogs there are companies scattered throughout the Italian territory, asking your veterinarian is the best thing to not find yourself choosing at random. Each company has its own procedure, there are variations, some for example have the body left by the veterinarian and then go to take it to take care of the cremation of dogs and cats. In this case, the cost of disposal must be paid to the veterinarian in advance.

There are companies for the cremation of dogs and cats who prefer to go to the owners' house to collect the body. Here is the question of declaration of death, which must still be done officially by the veterinarian and weighs on costs.

Single cremation of dogs and cats

There are not many owners who choose the single cremations of cats and dogs but they are on the rise. In correspondence with the greater awareness of the existence of this possibility and of the specialized centers that offer it. Usually the single cremation of dogs and cats provides for the return of the ashes and the specialized centers also take care of the removal of the body either at home or from the referring veterinarian.

Ditto for the ashes that, after the cremation of dogs and cats, can be returned either to the veterinarian or to the owner himself, by choice. If you choose this route you must have a death certificate of our veterinarian and then just contact the nearest or recommended center.

Cremation of dogs and cats: how it works

There cremation of dogs and cats and other pets takes place in specifically dedicated ovens. The bodies are subjected to very high temperatures, at the time of insertion there are usually about 1000 degrees in the furnace powered by natural gas, propane, oils, etc.

Organic matter and bones during the cremation of dogs and cats they are reduced to dust, we imagine that the ashes are then a sort of light-colored sand, even sometimes white, also depending on the drugs that the animal may have taken. The ashes, once returned to the owner or to those in charge, can be dispersed or buried.

Cremation of dogs and cats: how long it lasts

The duration of the process cremation of dogs and cats it depends on the type and size of the animal, for example for large dogs the cremation itself lasts for hours, let's say that on average, passing from the small dog to the medium cat to the big dog, it varies from 45 minutes to two hours abundant .

But here we are talking about the single cremation of dogs and cats, there is a before and there is an after, the first is mainly the transport of the animal and the bureaucratic part, the after is for example the cooling phase which involves 6 hours. Then there is the recovery of the ashes and their arrangement in a previously chosen urn. In the end, the technical times for a correct one cremation of dogs and cats, single, it takes 8/9 hours, for the collective one a little less, but you won't be able to do it in a couple of hours anyway.

Cremation of dogs and cats: prices

There cremation of dogs and cats as we have said it can be single or collective. In the first case the cost varies from 100 to 300 euros, in the second you spend less but you cannot attend or have the ashes and then bury them or disperse them. But the price falls: for the collective cremation of cats and dogs they usually ask for between 50 and 100 euros.

In order not to raise the price through a fine, it is better, indeed, a duty, to always check, before proceeding to dispersion of ashes, after the cremation of dogs and cats, what are the regulations of the municipality in which we live. Better not get caught administrative sanctions in a situation where we will not already be in a good mood.

Cremation of cats and dogs in Milan

TO Milan for the cremation of dogs and cats there is a wide range of offers that can be easily consulted online with advice from your veterinarian. Among the notes is theNovalife funeral agency for pets, founded in 1998. It offers the cremation of dogs and cats and pets, but also services such as the cemetery and the funeral service for animals, wide choice of urns for cats and dogs.

Always a Milan the creation of the largest cemetery in Italy dedicated only to animals is recent. Is called "Trustworthy guardian", located near via Novara, it is already fully operational and able to accommodate pets and non-domestic animals of all species and sizes. In total it occupies 5 hectares of land, among the various related services there is also cremation of dogs and cats being then able to decide to keep the ashes with him or deposit them inside the cemetery itself.

TO Milan, in particular in Rho (MI), there is also a reality like Petico with 4 other centers and respective cremation facilities, in Arenzano (GE), Reggello (FI) and Reggio Emilia (RE). Leader in Italy in personalized cremation of dogs and cats, Petico deals with all stages of the process: from the reception and collection of the remains to the delivery of the ashes. The service requested can be the Basic, or Economy, or even the Prestige, the cremation of dogs and cats personalized takes place within ten working days of delivery and there is the possibility to attend by appointment.

Cremation of cats and dogs in Rome

Since 1998 for the cremation of dogs and cats in the capital there is Taxi Dog the Ark, also active in the province. This reality offers transport services, cremation of dogs and cats, delivery of the ashes and farewell for our animals with the possibility of attending the cremation ceremony. The delivery of the ashes is ensured quickly, the collection takes place 24 hours a day and is a company authorized by ASL of Rome.

Always ensuring full compliance with the current European regulations provided for in the Regulations of the European Parliament and of the Council, it also operates Pet Memory specialized in single cremation of dogs and cats. Generally it is available for all pets and ensures the return of the ashes. Pet Memory can be reached quickly from GRA of Rome and has a professional staff that can provide next to the cremation of dogs and cats also comfort and psychological help.

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