Wave energy in Pantelleria

Wave energy in Pantelleria

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800 meters from the coast ofPantelleriaJust this morning, 7 August 2015, a device capable of producing clean energy fromwavy way.

The wave power station is composed of a gyroscopic unit housed inside a float moored on the seabed. The interaction between the waves of the sea, the hull and the gyroscopic system inside, allows the production of electrical energy to be fed into the network.

The one moored off Pantelleria is the ISWEC system,Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter, developed by the Politecnico di Torino and the spin Wave for Energy today. The project was supported by Enea and IAM-CNR and took shape thanks to the funding received from the Piedmont Region and the Sicily Region.

The one launched this morning in Pantelleria is the first system for the production of wave energy with gyroscopic conversion architecture. The ISWEC system is not only innovative, it is also convenient: it allows you to produce electricity at a more competitive cost than is currently the case on the island of Pantelleria.

If doubts may arise for large-scale diffusion, it can be said that the ISWEC system proves to be very effective in supplying energy to smaller islands (Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean) that are not directly connected to the electricity grid.

Wave energy in Pantelleria, where?

Where the system was installedInertial Sea Wave Energy?
As stated, the device was installed 800 meters off the northwest coast of Pantelleria, at a depth of 35 meters. The system has a footprint of 8 × 15 m in plan and a height of 4.5 m. It has a draft of 3.2 m, therefore it emerges from the surface of the sea for 1.3 meters.

In a first phase of operation, the system will not be connected to the island's electricity grid, but will dissipate on an array of resistances: in September / October the cable duct will be laid and subsequently connected to the distribution network.

For further information onwave energy we refer you to the article:How wave energy works.

How much energy can you get from the wave motion?

The energy potential of the wavy wayit is enormous if we estimate the distribution of the sea on the globe. The available power, generally referred to the unit of length of the wavefront, ranges from 25 kW / m in southern Europe (Canary Island) up to 75 kW / m in the northern seas, from the more lively Irish coasts and Scots.
The technical potential of the wavy wayavailable in Europe amounts to 320 GW, being able to exploit only 5% it would be possible to meet the electricity needs of 12 million homes.

Another noteworthy project is that of Ocean Power Technologies which for the next 30 years will exploit a device capable of producing clean energy from wavy wayinstalled 4 kilometers off the coast of Reedsport, Oregon. For a first approach, Ocean Powert Technologies is using a 1.5 megawatt unit.

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