Perfect food: how to recognize it

The perfect food: exists? And if there is only one, is it edible, is it available to everyone? There are many questions that revolve around food and the book of Massimo Marino is Carlo Alberto Pratesi published by Ambiente editions deals with a part of it. The substantial part, the one that crosses the minds of most of us. Of us who eat, but not only, of us who shop every day and who are faced with dilemmas such as that ofsalad: does it pollute more in a bag or fresh?

It seems like a joke, a farce, but the more you want to do better, the better you look, and the less clear things are. Here come these two experts who, by combining their mutual skills, are able to "cook" the available information well and serve not the solution to the table, no one expects it, but a series of observations that feed the mind.

In my case they succeeded, they clarified many issues, others, however, they made me aware while I pretty beautiful I was wandering around the supermarket shelves or for the market stalls bio unaware of everything. They are good, clear and not professors.

Massimo Marino, environmental engineer, is one of the founders of Life Cycle Engineering and for years, named nomen, has been dealing with the application of the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment to products from the agri-food sector. He is the author of "Iperfect food " together withCarlo Alberto Pratesi, professor of "Marketing, innovation and sustainability" at the Roma Tre University, collaborates with the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition and he is one of the founders of the InnovAction Lab. Both are not in the first book, “Perfect food"Is their first four hands, and you can see that they have to say, I hope they will write more both for the tone and for the topics covered.

It is rare to learn and reflect with a book in front of you without yawning, rather, curiously turning the pages. Help, in the pages of "The perfect food" there are also the graphs, the infographics, which I adore, and the in-depth panels which, with their gray, have been an oasis and a window to the world for me. Reality pills in numbers and words. Returning to the contents of the book, to access it you have to read it and it is useless for me to be here to act as a crib. If the utopian research of perfect food you are interested should be read from top to bottom and you will not struggle, on the contrary.

The title "The perfect food" immediately suggests the question to the center. He explains it well in the preface Alessandro Cecchi Paone. "We are surrounded by legions of real or presumed experts, in perpetual war against each other, who swear they really know the magic formula of 'perfect food'. Too bad that the recipe changes constantly, based on fashions, interests, ideologies, or real holy food wars. And therefore that it does not actually exist, that is, it is valid everywhere and for everyone "

It is not a recipe book, "The perfect food" and not even a book with the magic recipe to face the challenges that population growth and lack of resources offer us. Also with Expo which reaffirms them. No, "The perfect food" it is a great way to approach the problem in a conscious way and, in your own small way, to make choices aware and sustainable. But in the true sense of the word and not out of bias or prejudices or word of mouth of those who think they have found the solution in the extremes of the prohibition. "No" to this, "no" to that.

The solution does not lie in a "no", nor in many "no", but in a broad strategy that starts from the premise of knowing and respecting diversity. And go to the bottom of the problems without stopping at the most obvious answer. Are hens raised outdoors better than those in cages? Are 0 km products always with a low environmental impact? Is the meat bad? The biological food is good"? Always always?

"The perfect food" analyzes, tells and ranges from marketing to environmental sciences, from communication to science, does not prepackage an answer, does not pollute with a package of imposed ideas, but lets us decide and evaluate, a freedom as precious as "the perfect food " of the title.

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The book is this: Perfect food. Companies, consumers and the environmental impact of food.I just have to say good read! And good appetite.

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