Guide to the use of the electric steamer

Guide to the use of the electric steamer

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Guide to the use of the steamer: cooking times of food, adding flavorings and all the details on how to use a kitchen steamer.

Among the cooking methods that leave the nutritional properties of food almost unaltered, there issteaming. On the market there are different types ofsteamerand each of these has oneuser guideall his. For theguide to the use of the steamerclassic (with steel basket or bamboo basket; to be clear, the one that is positioned on the gas stove in the kitchen) we refer you to the articlesteaming, how is it done?

While for themicrowave oven steamerwe refer you to the specific articleSteam cooking in the microwave.

How to use the electric steamer

On this page we will deal with theelectric steamerwith a preciseguide to the use of the steamer. In our explanations we will refer to the Philips HD9190 / 30 steamer model, which is very simple and intuitive to use. Theelectric steamersof the latest generation have a timer and quick selectors that allow us to choose the mode (steam intensity and cooking times) that best suits the food we want to cook, so oursguide to the use of the electric steamerextends to all analogous models.

We chose the Philips HD9190 / 30 Steamer for simple practicality: I also own one so having already used it, explaining how it works is much easier.

Electric steamers are usually equipped with 3 baskets to cook several foods simultaneously. On the multifunction display of thePhilips electric steamerit is possible to choose cooking for a single basket or the multiple cooking mode, for two or three baskets.

The multifunction display represents access to all the commands of theelectric steamerbut don't worry, the commands aren't that numerous! Those who know how to use a microwave won't need anyuser guidebecause the methods of managing times and intensity are the same:

  • the type of food is selected
  • select the amount of food to be cooked
  • thereelectric steamerautomatically starts a timer, independently managing cooking times based on the quantity selected and the type of food.

Very simple right?

Before starting any command, however, it will be necessary to fill the base of the steamer with water. Theelectric steamersof the latest generation have a special measuring cup, so even in this case we will not have to do is follow the dosages pre-indicated on the dispenser.

Among the extra features of the Philips electric steamer is the possibility of flavoring food with an aroma infuser. Suchoptionalcan give surprising results, just think that the extraction process of essential oils involves steam distillation!

Before adding the basket containing the food to be cooked, just insert your favorite flavors (and spices!) Into the infusion system of theelectric steamer Philips, food will be accompanied by a delicious flavor!

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