Organic insecticide: selection guide

Organic insecticide: selection guide

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Biological insecticide, guide to purchasing or self-production. We point out the most effective natural pesticides in the garden.

Look for a biological insecticide (or a fungicide) why do you want a garden or terrace free from poisons? Well, be aware that a biological insecticide, or a fungicide, you can buy ready-made. It is true that the more experienced prefer to prepare natural remedies for plants themselves, but this is a practice that requires experience, raw materials and a bit of equipment. You need a piece of land to have nettles and horsetail available, and a space to prepare and store the macerated products. In the city it is very difficult.

In addition, certain parasitic attacks require a prompt and 'robust' response, while natural remedies (which work!) Give maximum effectiveness in prevention.

So you need to be able to buy a biological insecticide (or a fungicide) in a simple and safe way. Without forgetting that many medicinal plants are green medicines for the garden and that everyone can produce natural fertilizers, macerates and infusions for biological control by following simple recipes.

As an aid in choosing organic products for plant diseases, here is a brief guide to purchasing orself-production with a simple division of the products: insecticides, fungicides (specific and useful in the acute phase of infections), other preparations (especially useful in prevention). The traps that, in spite of the opinion of many, can be very effective are very underrated.

Macerated nettle

Let the fresh or dried nettles soak in 10 liters of boiling water. In detail: you need 500 grams of dried nettle or 1 kg of fresh nettle. Remove the roots of the nettles and place them in boiling water. Leave them to macerate for 4 days, filter and use the residual liquid for the treatment against aphids. The liquid must be sprayed over the entire plant.

Horsetail macerate

Very useful in preventing fungal attacks. It can also be used in the treatment of the early stages of diseases. It is prepared by steeping a large quantity of fresh or dried horsetail in boiling water. Follow the same instructions for nettle macerate.

Neem oil

We are talking about an excellent repellent against parasites and it is also an excellent nematicide. In the garden, it is effective against aphids, nematodes, Colorado beetles, leafhoppers, leaf miners, thrips, noctuids, psylla, moths and lepidopteran larvae.

A foliar treatment to eradicate an infestation of aphids, thrips, leafhoppers…. can be performed with:

  • 100 ml of Neem oil
  • 100 ml of ethyl alcohol
  • 10 liters of warm water

Where to buy neem oil? Neem oil is not very widespread and can only be found in shops specialized in the purchase and sale of natural products and in the most well-stocked agricultural consortia.

It is not particularly expensive especially if you buy online where the competition is higher. On Amazon, for example, a 250ml bottle of pure Neem oil of excellent quality can be bought at a price of 14.99 euros with free shipping.

For all product information, please refer to the official page:Virgin Neem Oil. The indicated product will be enough to treat 25 square meters of garden with plants in full vegetation.

We have reported to you at the link pure neem oil which can be used in agriculture as explained above. Do not pay attention to the fact that the product was conceived for cosmetic use, as it is pure neem oil. Also on Amazon there are bottles designed foragricultural use but they are much more expensive. Make the necessary assessments according to your needs.


Pyrethrum is effective against aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mealybugs, moths, bedbugs, ants, noctuids, borer, fruit fly, psylla, mites, altica, earwigs, mosquitoes, plant lice and many other insects.

Thepyrethrumit is botanically known asTanacetum cinerarifoliumor even better, Chrysanthenum cineralifolium. The name can lead to confusion with the municipalitytansywhich looks like thepyrethrumfor its jagged leaves. The common tansy can also be used as a pesticide. For all the info: Tansy, property.

Biological fight with Bacillus thuringiensis

It is effective against moths, carpocapsa, blattoidei, twisters, embroiderers, moth, cabbage, rapaiole, noctue, depressaria and has become an excellent ally in the fight against the box borer. I indicate two, based on two different varieties of Bacillus Thuringiensis: the Aizawai is particularly effective against the box borer.

Again, the product can be found on Amazon: Bacillus Thuringiensis.

Copper sulphate, the most used in organic farming

Copper sulfate is the biological fungicidemore used in agriculture (and not only in organic farming!). It is effective against the most common plant diseases caused by fungi. This product can be used as a treatment against: downy mildew, scab, monilia, detachment pain, anthracnose, alternaria, cercospora, fumaggine and blister.

Remedies based on copper sulphate on the market are very easy to find.


Like copper, sulfur is also a very popular biological fungicide. It is effective against a large number of fungal diseases, white sickness is one of them.

Just like copper sulfate, sulfur-based remedies are also super easy to find.

Bentonite and Sodium silicate

They are effective against phytophagous parasites (insects and parasites that feed on the leaves) in general.


There is a wider margin here when it comes to DIY. The traps exploit a natural bait capable of attracting insects and parasites. For the instructions of a DIY trap, we refer you to the page:anti-mosquito bottle.In the article we also explain how to use pyrethrum to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, green bugs, earwigs and midges from the garden.


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