Remedies for rust

Remedies for rust

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With commitment and dedication, even an old rusty iron can return to its former glory. Ofremedies for rustthere are many and they can be divided into two broad categories: mechanical remedies and chemical remedies. To obtain an optimal result it is better not to exclude anything and to use both chemical means and mechanical tools.

There rust represents the outermost layer of iron, that "oxidized", That is, that part of the metal that in contact with air and water reacted with oxygen, forming that typical rough, brown and reddish area. Under the oxidized layer, the metal continues to shine, which means that once the rust is removed, the object will be as good as new.

To remove the oxidized layer of iron, you can make use ofremedies for rustchemical and mechanical. The most effective (and also less harmful to the environment) are the mechanical methods that involve the use of one of the following accessories:

  • Sand paper
  • Grinder
  • Drill
  • Iron brush
  • File

If therustif it is minor, a good correspondence with sandpaper with a grain size proportional to the extent of the damage and the finish of the object to be treated may suffice. If the sandpaper is not enough, you can use files and iron brushes. The iron brush is very versatile and its use is always recommended, even if you decide to use itremedies for rustof a chemical nature. The files are very precise and also suitable asremedies for ruston small and delicate objects, however, they are more difficult to handle and slower too!

For very large surfaces such as railings, balconies and gates, brushes and files may not be practical enough: the surface to be treated, in this case, is very large so an electric tool will make your work much easier. In this context, we recommend the use of sanders and a drill equipped with a special anti-rust disc. For all the details on the mechanical methods just mentioned, we refer you to the articlehow to get rid of rust.

Remedies for rust: chemical converters

Until recently, before you could use a chemical on a rusty iron, it was necessary to sand or brush the surface. Currently on the market there are chemical agents that convert the oxidized iron layer into an inert material rivarniciaile. This means that if you pass a “convertible” compound on the rust, the rust will disappear leaving room for a homogeneous black compound that you can paint in the color of your choice.

Among the various rust converters on the market, we point out the Ferox . This product can be found in all hardware stores with a price, for 750 ml bottles, which exceeds 20 euros. Online it is available at a price of 16.70 euros including shipping costs. Ferox does its job very well and as stated, creates a layer that can be easily repainted.

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