Room diffusers with sticks

THE reed room diffusers they can be considered very functional furnishing accessories: on the one hand they scent the home and on the other add an aesthetic touch to the home environment.

On the market there are different types of room diffusers, but they are made with artificial scented essences and substances that are potentially harmful to humans and the environment; to avoid this type of home pollution you can make use of DIY room diffusers made from natural raw materials such as classic essential oils.

THE room diffusers with sticks offer several advantages. First of all, avoiding the use of the most dangerous aroma diffusers with a stove that you could never leave on if you leave the house. It also avoids the use of waxes or spray deodorants that release allergenic agents in the home atmosphere. Of course, there are also diffusers of electric essential oils on the market but these require constant energy expenditure.

Room diffusers with sticks, the necessary
To realize the room diffusers with sticks you will need a glass bottle, for this purpose you can use old jars, glass bottles or packages of old perfumes that you can embellish with ribbons, shells or beads if necessary.

Avoid the use of plastic bottles, in addition to glass you can also use ceramic: plastic can leach chemicals when it comes into contact with oils.

Even the same sticks can be recycled from the old diffusers but beware the older ones lose their effectiveness once they are more than saturated with an oil.

If you do not have sticks to recycle, or those you have at home have now become saturated, you can buy sticks at specialized stores or through online purchases.
The sticks for essence diffusers have standard measures equivalent to 25, 30 and 38 cm. If you intend to make more discreet essence diffusers with smaller dimensions, you can choose bamboo sticks that similarly manage to absorb and diffuse the scented essences.

The bamboo sticks are also available in 10 cm sizes. Bamboo sticks are very popular and cheap, in fact they are used as food skewers! A pack of 1000 25 cm Bamboo sticks (link to the product: Sticks Bamboo Wood Sticks) is offered on Amazon at a price of € 14.90 with free shipping.

You will need the scented oil and propylene glycol: alternatively a base oil such as safflower or sweet almond oils is fine.

Room diffusers with sticks, the preparation

  1. Mix the essential oil with the glycol: the mixture must be 20% essential oil or fragrance and 80% propylene glycol or base oil of the diffuser.
  2. Fill the bottles or containers of the diffuser to about 75-85% of capacity with the diffuser oil. Do not fill the containers with oil to the top: it can overflow when you put the sticks inside
  3. Put the sticks in the oil and let them rest for an hour
  4. Turn the sticks over after an hour to saturate the top that protrudes above the oil level: this helps to speed up the process of diffusion of the oil from the bottom through the entire stick
  5. Check weekly to see if the diffuser needs topping up.

Every two weeks the container should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned and more sticks added.

If the oil-diffuser mixture fails to perfume the air effectively, you should decrease the additional amount of essential oil. This is due to the viscosity of the oil, which is often too heavy or dense to propagate.

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