Brushes for long-haired and short-haired dogs

Brushes for long-haired and short-haired dogs

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Dog brushes: some, those with bristles, are good for all types of hair, but then there are the brushes for long-haired dogs, on purpose, with long and spaced bristles while when the dog has short hair, shorter and tighter bristles give a better result. Therefore brushes for dogs with the bristles it means almost everything and nothing, it is necessary to evaluate the breed, type of hair, lifestyle of the dog, whether wanderer or home. Also the frequency of use of brushes for dogs is to be evaluated from dog to dog or almost.

Dog brushes: how and why to use them

One thing is certain, in all the options that exist: brushing the dog is good because it makes the hair "breathe", eliminates dead hair, avoids knot formation, removes foreign bodies, and above all allows you to reactivate the blood circulation of the skin.

Whenever you have it in your hand brushes for dogs it is better to make gentle movements. And then do not appear as aggressive towards the dog who already generally does not like this ritual very much. The fact is that it is not a fixed obsession of obsessive owners: it is also important for the dog's health and not just for aesthetics. But it cannot be explained to him.

Brushes for dogs in hand, with patience the puppy dog ​​must be accustomed immediately, alternating, almost corrupting it, in a good way, with cuddles and sweet words, alternating with passages of brushes for dogs. And on the whole body, otherwise there are areas of which he becomes "jealous" and then in case of need for intervention on that part, problems arise when it is not the case.

Dog brushes: general indications

The choice of brushes for long-haired or short-haired dogs it is important and then facilitates the consequent operations. Otherwise, however good we are, we would still risk hurting our big dog. Given chela brushing However, it is an inevitable step in the life of a dog owner. I advise you to inform yourself before choosing not only the brushes for dogs but, above all, the dog itself.

In front of a brindle boxer or a Fonnese dog, you will notice the difference in commitment that one or the other, in terms of "strokes" of brushes for dogs, involve. Long or short whether it is the moment of brushing the hair and the hair itself, it is still an appointment to take advantage of to create a relationship of serenity and trust, man - dog. It is not just a duty, for hygiene and health.

Before understanding the different needs of the various types of hair, there are transversal elements in common: if you use the comb the teeth must always be rounded, otherwise you risk injuring the dog or ruining its coat. Second thing: the brushes for dogs they are used in the "hair direction", in the direction in which it grows which is usually towards the tail and downwards. It is then of case in case required to pay attention to a possible undercoat and in areas where the hair is more "rebellious".

Brushes for short-haired dogs

In this category we make some further distinctions, starting with short-haired dogs, like beagles. With them they are used brushes for dogs with bristles and then a glove or chamois, first against the grain and then in the direction of the hair. All this is needed once a week, no more.

If the coat is short, like Labrador Retriever, it is better to also take care of the undercoat and then first a carder is needed in the direction of the hair to untie the knots and then against the hair to eliminate the dead undercoator. Continue with dog brushes with bristles to remove dead hair and dirt. At the end, a fine-toothed comb is gently passed on the neck and tail where the hair is thickest. Once a week is also good for short hair, except during the moulting period which, due to undercoat, it is better that the appointment is biweekly.

There are also dogs that, although short-haired, have a stiff coat like the wire-haired dachshund. Then at all the grind it is also necessary to reduce excess hair using a "stripping" comb, then every 4 months a visit to the groomer can help, with an exposure-proof “professional” thinning.

Brushes for long-haired dogs

With the long hair, as can be guessed, the brushes for dogs change and a further one is always needed. Some long-haired breeds such as the Maltese or Yorkshire Terrier have no undercoat and this makes them particularly sensitive to irritation. So before using brushes for dogs better untie the knots with a carder, then use the short bristle brush and a comb.

With long and silky hair, the ritual is daily, but there is a super brush for big long-haired dogs that can lend a great hand, and is also available for smaller sizes.

When the undercoat is also "put on", as with the Shetland Shepherds, the carder becomes essential for nodes, then le can be used brushes for long-haired dogs with metal teeth, finally a wide-toothed comb in particular on those tufts of hair that often form on the legs, thorax, back and tail.

To prevent the hair from starting to spread around the house, and on clothes, and ... everywhere, there are brushes for dogswhich promise 90% hair reduction, it's worth a try. There brushed daily with the dog with long and dense hair no one can take it out and even a visit to the groomer is often not at all inadvisable.

Meanwhile, to be comfortable, you can always keep one at homedog brush with automatic hair expulsion. With a pass or so you can collect all loose hair, the dirt and dandruff of our big dog. Who knows if he will be happy, we and our acquaintances a little allergic, certainly yes.

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