Protect the tomatoes from the sun

Protect the tomatoes from the sun

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Protect the tomatoes from the sun: instructions and advice to protect tomatoes from drought and sun damage.

Ordinary maintenance of tomato plants involves fertilizing, watering and removing the diseased stems, however, sometimes these measures don't seem to be enough.

For a bountiful harvest, yourtomatothey need some extra attention, especially in seasons with a particular climatic trend (if there is a danger of cold, excessive heat waves, intense sun ...). On this page we will focus on the damage caused by heat waves and on how to protect tomatoes from the sun.

Protecting tomatoes from the sun, some good tips

A good farmer, howeverprotect tomatoes from sun damagecan implement three different strategies, some of these have already been described in the more generic article on how protect plants from heat.

Tip # 1 - Mulch
Mulching is essential to protect the root system of tomatoes from sun damage so as to prevent the plant from drying out. It is important to avoid mulching with plastic materials because these cause the soil to overheat. Better to use natural and reflective materials such as straw, bark or lawn grass.

The most effective way to protect tomatoes from the sunit is precisely the mulch. Just add 7 - 10 cm of chopped bark mixed with chopped leaves to the base of your tomatoes to prevent the plants from drying out. Mulch retains moisture and helps regulate the temperature while keeping the soil cooler.

Tip # 2 - Exposure
If you have a choice, plant your tomatoes in a sunny spot in the morning and shaded in the afternoon. If you are growing tomatoes in pots, it is easy to move them: if the night temperatures remain above 22 ° C, you should take the tomato plants to shelter (at least during flowering).

Tip # 3 - Irrigation
Water the tomato plants every morning. Check the soil in the middle of the afternoon and if you deem it necessary (and the soil is dry even after the top layer), irrigate again. To understand whether to irrigate several times during the day, check the soil: if the soil is dry after 2 - 3 cm of depth, it will be necessary to irrigate.

The best way to ensure correct irrigation of tomatoes is through the drip system; the advantages of drip irrigation for protect the tomato from the sun are obvious: evaporation is avoided, water is administered steadily and gradually, the dripping frequency can be adjusted according to the temperatures of the day.

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