How to make a visa

Know how to make a visa to visit any of the countries that require it is extremely important to avoid losses (VERY!) time or even not to go on a journey because we did not follow the correct procedure, underestimating the time it takes to obtain the seen on your passport.

Knowing all the procedures for obtaining a visa without wasting time also allows you to achieve indirect economic savings because, as we all know, the saying “time is money!” Is increasingly valid.

In my view I was lucky enough to travel a lot even in countries where a visa was necessary (in the opening image of this article my visa for India relating to a trip made in 2011) and I still remember the queues and the small setbacks to obtain it (for example in the case of visas for Russia and China).

How to apply for a visa by contacting specialized agencies

To make everything simpler and to be sure of starting with the planned topics, it is now possible to contact specialized agencies: Prontovisto is, for example, a consular agency that has been in business for over 10 years, ensuring maximum satisfaction of an honest fee.

Prontovisto is the only operator that uses a dedicated web platform that makes each phase of the process simple and interactive, from the application formalities to the visa delivery procedures.

Prontovisto is accredited at all consulates of foreign countries present in Italy and for countries that require special guarantees for security purposes, Prontovisto guarantees its protection by virtue of trust relationships consolidated over time.
These are the simple ones steps of the visa process:

1) The customer requests a quote on the website

2) A Prontovisto representative collects the customer's documents and his passport at home

3) Immediately after checking the validity of the passport and the correctness of the documents, it delivers them to the consular office of the country where the customer must go in order to obtain the validation

4) A person in charge of Prontovisto collects the validated passport from the consular office and recommends it to the customer's home

Thanks to its web platform, Prontovisto guarantees the customer constant traceability of practices in every step.

Prontovisto services are also available for non-Italian citizens and will obviously think of indicating any additional documentation necessary for visa application is successful.

Among the most requested services, the one for i travel to the United States, as instead of a visa, the ESTA form may sometimes suffice (Electronic System Travel Authorization - Electronic System for Travel Authorization) which costs only 35 Euros, including the management of the entire file which includes some steps in which it is common to make mistakes.

Another very requested service, due to the complexity of the procedures envisaged, is that relating to visa to travel to Saudi Arabia as a decidedly complex process is required to obtain it.

In fact, Saudi Arabia requires the withdrawal of biometric data of the traveler and therefore its presence at the offices of VFS (Agency of the Saudi Embassy)based in Rome and Milan.

It is therefore essential, especially for those who do not live in these two cities, to show up at the visa center with complete and correct documentation. Prontovisto can also think about making an appointment at the VFS offices by providing a multilingual operator.

To request a quote for any of the services mentioned above, you can fill in the online form specially prepared by Prontovisto or call customer service on 06

Prontovisto also offers a series of ancillary services to the visa: among the most requested medical insurance and the implementation of the paperwork to go to work abroad.

On the site there is also a section with promotions at special prices to achieve further savings.

For those who have confused ideas about "what a visa is" I hope to do something useful by providing some basic information below:

What is a visa

A visa is a sticker permanently affixed to a traveler's passport. The visa is issued exclusively by the consular office of the country we want to visit.

What is a visa for

A recognizes the validity of the data on the passport, subject to the necessary checks by the consular office of the country of destination and the affixing of the appropriate sticker (see above), allowing the holder to enter and exit the country of destination for a certain number of times or for a specific period of time.

How to get a visa

The visa application must be submitted to the Consulate of the State where we must go and includes documentation that varies from case to case including: a valid passport, truthfully and correctly filling in the consular forms, complete with photographs which (important! ) must meet specific characteristics.

The Consulate, depending on the States and the documentation provided, also reserves the right to request additional documentation, such as insurance to cover any medical expenses that may be incurred in the country of destination (in many States medical assistance for foreigners is only available for a fee and can sometimes be significantly expensive)

Is there only one type of visa?

No, there are different categories of visas depending on the reason for the trip and the status of the traveler.

The main distinction is between tourist visas is business visas.

/ surgical, whose Contracts are available on our Site.
The procedure for submitting the visa application at the Consulates is quite complex, as it always requires the obligation to present themselves in person, almost always several times, at set times, at the Consulate Offices. The completion of the procedure involves long waiting times, with a considerable waste of time, which will be completely eliminated by contacting Prontovisto, a company authorized to apply for a consular visa in the name and on behalf of its customers.

There are also different types of visas based on how many times they allow entry and exit of the country. They therefore exist single visas, double visas is multiple views.

What does the period of validity of the visa indicate

Indicates the time interval within which the applicant can enter the foreign state for which he applied for the visa.

Eg. If a visa has a validity period of two months from issue, the applicant will be able to enter the state from which he obtained the visa only within two months from the day the visa was issued. After this time the visa will no longer be valid and will have to be redone from scratch.

What does the length of stay indicate

The length of stay indicates the actual number of days during which the passport holder with the visa can stay in the foreign country.

Eg. If a visa has a duration of stay equal to 60 days, it is compulsory to leave the country within 60 days from the date of entry.

As you will have understood, there are many points to pay the utmost attention to, so in my opinion for those who are not really expert and for those who do not have much time available to rely on specialized companies such as Ready it is definitely convenient.

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