Tips for keeping ants away from home

Tips for keeping ants away from home

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Keep ants away from homewithout the use of insecticide it is not an easy task but it is not impossible either. With the increase in temperatures the ants they come out and start marching inside the house, in the vegetable garden and on the balcony, in short, they are practically everywhere! On this page we will see howkeep ants away from homein a natural way.

Forkeep ants away from home, in the first place, you must preserve good domestic hygiene: eliminate any food residue, promptly remove the garbage, vacuum after each meal and, if necessary, help yourself with a vacuum cleaner to pass on the sofa, table and raised surfaces. If the ants they do not find food, they do not enter the house!

For this reason I advise you to check the sideboard: is everything perfectly locked? Make sure you seal any food packaging, ants must not have access to any food! Transfer foods such as flour, sugar, cereals, biscuits, bread ... to airtight jars.

Try to determine where they come from ants. If you live in the countryside it will be a rather difficult task, however, anyone can defend themselves from ants, even those who host a vegetable garden on the balcony can solve the problem with the necessary precautions! Just figured out where the ants, take the necessary measures: fill the holes with putty, eliminate the joints in the walls and any drafts on doors and windows.

Only resort to the use of insecticide if you find yourself in an out of control situation. Insecticides are real poisons, they are not good for health at all and according to the EPA they can have direct effects on the central nervous system, cause skin irritation, affect the organ of vision, affect hormone production (act on the endocrine system) and they have been related to various cancers.

For keep ants away from home there are "non-toxic" methods for humans and with low environmental impact. Before pointing out the ways toget rid of ants from home, I tell you what I tried and it didn't work! Online there are many tips and natural remedies to keep ants away from home but ... some of them didn't work (at least in my house! Maybe you could be luckier!). Here are which natural remedies recommended by the web have not been effective:

  • Sprinkle cinnamon around the perimeter of the house. Indeed, the ants avoided cinnamon but always ended up finding alternative routes and entered the house anyway!
  • Lemon juice mixed with water to sprinkle in the kitchen and in the areas affected by the siege of the ants. Alternatively, it was recommended to use white vinegar. The ants continued to search for their supplies, undisturbed ... plus my Carrara granite counter didn't like the vinegar or lemon juice at all! Better to avoid these natural remedies if you also have marble surfaces.
  • Ultrasounds are not effective, I bought a device in vain: the ants didn't notice the difference, my wallet did!

What are the natural remedies for keep ants away from home that worked:

  • Increase home hygiene: I know, cleaning is boring but it gives excellent results even in the short term.
  • Seal each food as described above.
  • Identify the entry points of the ants and eliminate them. Plug holes, cracks and joints with putty.
  • Spray made with tap water and a good dose of peppermint essential oil.
  • When the ants are on the balcony and besiege ornamental plants and house plants, you can solve the problem with a "Natural Pest Control" that you will have to spray directly on the plants. It is true, the price is a bit salty (on Amazon it is offered at a cost of € 17.99 with free shipping) but it is the bottle that will save the life of your plants and prevent you from a nervous breakdown.

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