Anti-mold remedies for pots

With some simple anti-mold remedies it avoids transforming the plant pots into fungi and germs cultures. Just a few tricks and the health of the plants and the quality of the air in the house are safe.

Because plants in the house, with their metabolism, reduce the presence of mold and spores in the air and 'adopting' some of them (further information on suitable essences) is a real panacea. Provided, however, to keep the soil of the vessels under control, which without anti-mold remedies it becomes an unhealthy bacteria factory for everyone and unbearable for allergic people.

Anti-mold remedies for pots

  • Gravel for aquariums. Apart from completely renouncing the soil in the pots, as can be done for example with hydroculture, to avoid the proliferation of molds it is useful to cover the surface of the soil with aquarium gravel. It is a material that tends to dry out soon after watering and in this way does not lend itself to the development of mold.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract. If you don't like the gravel effect on the surface of the pots, you can use a solution based on grapefruit seed extract diluted in water. Sprayed on the surface of the soil prevents or stops the formation of mold.
  • Tea tree essential oil (malaleuca). Used 100% pure, diluted in water, it has the same effectiveness as grapefruit seed extract, with the difference that it is easier to find on the market in organic shops or online.
  • Change the watering. Always useful, perhaps in combination with one of the two anti-mold remedies seen before, review the watering system of potted plants. The ideal is to put expanded clay balls in the saucers and then place the vase on top. In this way the roots will never be immersed in water, which is to be avoided, and by watering from below they will absorb the right amount of clay from the clay.

Plants that purify the air

There are several but the most common and effective are: the rubber tree (ficus elastica); the bamboo palm (effective against carpet odotes); aralia; ivy (absorbs toxins from tobacco smoke); avocado; the ficus benjamina; the philodendrum; dieffenbachia; the sansevieria trifasciata; the spathiphillum and the dracaena.

Here you can buy 100% pure Tea Tree essential oil

Or 100% pure Grapefruit oil

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