DIY Citronella Candles

DIY Citronella Candles

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DIY citronella candles: I'll explain how to do it citronella candles at home with a few simple steps. Here are all the instructions to prepare DIY anti-mosquito candles.

Outdoor events are fantastic and in the summer I like to invite relatives and friends for outdoor evenings, in my garden there is room for everyone ... mosquitoes excluded! Yes, when you want to organize a dinner or any event you have to think about everything: from the buffet to how to keep geckos and insects at bay. It is not enough to keep the lawn well kept to feel safe from mosquitoesespecially if, like me, you are lucky enough to have an artificial lake!

Of course, it is possible to carry out ad hoc pesticide treatments to exterminate mosquitoes, geckos and other insects ... but it is really convenient to sprinkle the perimeter of your home with somepoison?!Much better to take advantage of natural remedies for keep away mosquitoes and make use of biological control (to learn more:biological fight against mosquitoes).

To enjoy an outdoor dinner without the nuisance of mosquitoes, you can take advantage of the lemongrass and prepare some DIY decorative candles. The citronella candles they really work but there must be a lot of them!

The upside is that by preparing them yourselfcitronella candles, these can adapt to any type of garden furniture. For a more casual look (and also more respectful of the environment), I preferred to place theDIY citronella candlesin old jugs and jars, some jars have been filled with rose water and various spices. THEdo-it-yourselfthey are always very versatile so just look around to understand how to best intervene.

DIY citronella candles

For thisdo-it-yourselfyou will need:

  • jars, jars or other candle holders
  • natural wax crystals
  • wicks
  • two saucepans
  • wooden stick or clothespin
  • colored wax crayons (to give the candles a little color)
  • lemongrass essential oil

Instructions for doingcitronella candlesare the same as described in the articleHow to make candles at home, the only difference lies in the essence: instead of using a generic scented oil, you will need to use the essential oil lemongrass. In the article just reported you will find the illustrated guide to DIY candles.

Calculate that you will need 20 - 10 drops of lemongrass essential oil for each small to medium sized candle. Lemongrass essential oil is easy to find, I recommend that you choose 100% pure essence. If you do not have time to wander around shops in search of lemongrass oil, you can buy it by mail order on Amazon where this essence is offered by several houses. For completeness I leave you some examples:

- Citronella Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 50 ml
A 50 ml bottle is offered on Amazon with free shipping and at a price of 9.99 euros.

- Citronella Oil - 100% Pure Essential Oil - 200 ml
The largest 200 ml package is offered at the promotional price of 18.99 euros, always with free shipping.

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