Tabby Cat: character and price

Tabby Cat: character and price

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Tabby Cat maybe it sounds better, but it's the house cat, also called Tabby. I really like these cats and it was not necessary to give yourself a name that mimicked a breed: the Tabby cat it has nothing to envy neither to giant cats nor to others. As a name, however, it is not invented, it derives from the Sorìa (Syria) because that is where the wild cat was widespread. The term Tabby also originates in geography, it is the English evolution of the medieval Latin name of "attabi" because Attabiyah, present-day Iraq, is the Asian region where a streaked silk is produced whose motifs recalled the hair of Tabby cat.

Tabby Cat: physical appearance

We talked about silky hair, and it is the hair one of the characteristics that make the Tabby cat: it is short and can be brindle or striped, in many colors. Here is the beauty of this animal that sports a black gray or smoky gray coat, but also red or white. And if that's not enough, it can also be of more colors, only the females arrive at three - white, black, brown - for known genetic reasons.

The "chic" is that the color of the pads and eyes also varies with the coat: when the "dress" is in shades of gray or brown-brown then the eye is usually in shades of pale green. framed by the black outline of the eyelids. Wow, a natural make-up! The Tabby cat with a tawny coat, on the other hand, he may have pale green or brown eyes.

In addition to the color, the pattern can also vary, the coat can be brindle and shaded. There is the gray one with black streaks, or the gray - brown with black streaks or mahogany, but the Tabby cat my favorite is the fawn one: it's special. I say so, but not just me, because it is a particular type of Tabby cat, originally widespread in Spain, showing a reddish to copper-colored hair.

For each color there are streaks of darker tone and medium-large thickness that create a marble effect, and then mini-streaks often decorated with rosettes or svirgolature in the same color that accumulate near the head, on the sides of the eyes, on the limbs, tail and back. And then the Tabby cat she can't help but have the M-shaped streak on her forehead.

As for tonnage, a Tabby cat it goes from 3–4 kg on average for women to 5–7 kg for men: it is not a gigant cate, but it has a rather large head compared to the body which is still robust, harmonious. The house cat it has strong legs, is firmly planted on the ground and agile in leaping everywhere. Anyone who owns one knows that being a house cat does not mean being a quiet cat.

Tabby Cat: character

Very affectionate, playful and cuddly, but independent: the Tabby cat he is a cat, so he wants to be stroked but what he says, he wants company but only if the time is right. Right for him, of course. Despite being called "of the house", the Tabby cat he wants to spend a lot of time outdoors, to vent his hunting instincts and run free. He can also escape, it is a risk to take, but to lock him up is to make him sad forever.

If he is in love, the Tabby cat unsterilized male, he can travel miles and miles and even become violent, arguing with other cats. This is when in heat, the females similarly instead of going around or fighting, they roll on the ground emitting strange, recognizable meows.

The habits of the Tabby cat are those who eat many meals a day: he loves to nibble and if you leave food available, he eats 16 times a day. It's not a question of how much a cat has to eat, he snacks.

Tabby Cat: origins

The Tabby catsmart as he is, he had already understood in the Middle Ages how to make himself loved even if not of a prestigious breed. In fact, at the time he was considered a friend of men because he was a skilled mouse hunter. He worked on ships, for example, but he was also considered "the king of the road" and remains so.

Digging into its origins we go to the purebred cat "Felis Sylvestris Lybica", from North Africa, which has been domesticated in Egypt since 2000 BC and shared environments with man. In Europe the Tabby cat he landed clandestinely - I told you he was smart - through Phoenician ships. If it has managed to survive over the centuries thanks to its ability to hunt mice, today it has almost lost its original function, it is still very much loved.

It has a place in the hearts of many and a place in the home of many. Especially of the more frantic types who choose it as "soothing" companion: asks for nothing or almost nothing, and gives a lot of affection and company. Without invading. Smacco to his purebred colleagues, the Tabby cat it is also admitted to large cat shows thanks to the existence of the special class of "house cats" which can be accessed by all cats that are six months old.

Tabby Cat: price

The Tabby cat it is a very sustainable animal from an economic point of view, too. Aside from the vaccines, he doesn't ask for much more than room and board in exchange for attention to you, a little good humor, his company and lots of affection.

The milk jug should be fixed, cleaned and changed, as for the others, but the Tabby cat he is also in good health, so he is not very predisposed to get seriously ill, unlike others long-haired cats who, very often, suffer from conjunctivitis and other inflammatory diseases. To have a Tabby cat sometimes just ask, and you get it for free. Or a prices which do not exceed 100 euros.

Tabby Cat: famous specimens

The Tabby cat that I want to tell, few know it, but it is a good story and deserves to be known. He is Mrs. Chippy, yes, he because he is a male cat: this name came up because he was always with Chippy, Harry McNish, the carpenter of the ship with which Ernest Shackleton in the Endurance expedition (1914-1917) it reached Antarctica.

Our Tabby Chippy cat he had not come to a good end because, having embarked to hunt rats, like so many of his colleagues, he was then suppressed when the Endurance, trapped by the ice pack, was no longer able to navigate. The crew had continued on foot and Chippy on 29 October 1915 had been sacrificed.

To avenge him his master, with big long faces towards Shackleton who had then punished him by denying him the polar medal. But for the Tabby cat there is the happy end: after years and years, in 2004, the New Zealand Antarctic Society tried to right the wrong with a bronze statue of Mrs. Chippy on McNish's grave at Karori cemetery in Wellington. This is not the first time that cats deserve statues: does the Japanese bobtail cat remind you of anything?

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