Like having loose ground

Like having loose ground

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The ideal soil for almost all plants and flowers is a loose ground, not heavy, permeable to water and air and into which the roots of plants can easily penetrate. The loose ground, as well as plant associations, it is also part of the preventive measures that help keep many parasites away from the garden: keep this in mind and you will have healthier plants without having to add anything.

The point is: like having loose ground in the vegetable garden and in the garden? Well, know that plants with a deep root system, able to go even into the hardest layers under the ground level, are able to make the loose ground (which has characteristics opposite to clayey soil) with much more effectiveness than the spade or hoe. And with less effort for the horticulturist.

If you find yourself working on 'new' soils or heavy soils that have long been neglected, the planting of some 'pioneer plants' is particularly useful. Among those that root deeply and contribute to loosen the soil there are in particular some legumes. Lupins, alfalfa and clover are excellent when needed.

Pioneer plants form a good loose ground because they are annual essences whose roots, when the plant dies and decomposes, leave an intricate network of passages through the air. Furthermore, legumes have the characteristic of developing particular root tubercles where discrete quantities of nitrogen accumulate which provide the soil with precious nutritional reserves. And if the roots do the loose ground, the aerial parts are an excellent material for mulching and compost.

Green fertilization is also an excellent resting cure for the soil and helps to form loose ground. The aforementioned luguminosae, as well as mustard and phacelia roots, loosen the soil while their flowers are great food for bees.

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