Remedies for dust mites

Remedies for dust mites

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We all care about home hygiene; we do our best to ensure that our home is clean and fragrant but we are not always aware of an invisible threat: dust mites. Tiny insects not visible to the naked eye that infest the environments in which we live; they colonize everywhere: in the mattresses, under the carpets, in the padding of sofas, armchairs, curtains… in short, everything that is woven!

Eliminating dust mites is not easy at all, however there are some home remedies that can limit their concentration.

Remedies for dust mites, prevention

  • Wrap mattresses and pillows in covers that are impermeable to allergens but permeable to human sweat: know that no mattress, not even latex ones, can be immune to mite infestation!
  • Wash mattresses and pillows every 6 months using household appliances for steam disinfection at 100 ° C: the high temperatures kill the mites and destroy the fecal particles responsible for allergies.
  • Wash the bed linen at high temperatures, at least 60 degrees, so as to kill any eggs and insects nestled in the folds of the fabrics.
  • Let both the beds and the sheets air for at least half an hour: if possible, expose the latter to the sun.
  • Wash children's soft toys and stuffed animals regularly, always at high temperatures and with specific antibacterial detergents: this will avoid direct and prolonged contact with the allergenic agent. Alternatively, you can stop the growth of the mites by placing the stuffed animals in the freezer for 12-24 hours and then washing them.
  • Remove from the rooms, in particular from the bedroom, all objects that retain dust: rugs, carpets, curtains, wallpaper, ornaments
  • Dust all objects and surfaces in the house very frequently, preferring vacuum cleaners equipped with water filters or high efficiency filters (the famous HEPA)
  • If you have pets at home, wash them often and avoid them getting on beds and sofas, reserving a special kennel for them: it must also be cleaned and disinfected often.

How to fight the presence of dust mitesis?
To reduce the presence of dust mites in the home, we can use chemical systems, which unfortunately prove to be potentially harmful to the health of people and pets. Fortunately, we can use some natural, practical and quite efficient remedies. These are equally effective home remedies to spray on fabrics and dilute in steam cleaners, or to add to household cleaners.

  • Neem oil

Mix 50 drops of this natural oil with 500 ml of water and pour it into a spray dispenser. Spray on mattresses, sofas and other surfaces where mites may nest.

  • Green tea

Pour an infusion of green tea into a plastic container with a spray pump and spray the liquid on the mattress and pillows, letting everything dry well, preferably in sunlight. Everything should be repeated every two weeks for it to be effective.

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