Unique model for photovoltaic roof

If you are wondering what permissions to apply for theninstall a photovoltaic roof know that bureaucracy is your friend: you just have to fill in and send the so-called unique model for photovoltaicsthus streamlining waiting times, costs and practices.

The unique model for photovoltaics it is a document introduced only recently, its use is regulated by decreePutof 19 May 2015, published in the Official Gazette of 27 May 2015 (general series no.121). The single model allows you to apply online for the required installation, connection to the electricity grid and commissioning of thephotovoltaic roof. Its use is expected after 180 days from the entry into force of the decree, therefore, the single model can be used from 28 November 2015.

Photovoltaic roof and permits for installation

Those who live in an area with a high landscape value such as, for example, a historic center, before being able to proceed with the transmission of the single model will have to obtain clearance for installation from the competent authorities. Similarly, those who live in a condominium and want to install photovoltaic panels on the roof or in other common areas, before starting the request through a single model must have the authorization from the condominium administration. To understand how to obtain permits in these two peculiar cases, I refer you to the guide articles:

  • Install solar panels on the roof of the apartment building
  • Landscape clearance for photovoltaics

Unique model for photovoltaic roof

Thanks tounique model, who wants to install aphotovoltaic roofwith production capacity within 20 kW, it can apply for the construction, connection and commissioning through a single document consisting of two pages, to be completed and transmitted online.

The single model consists of two parts, a first part to be filled in and sent before the start of the installation work of the solar system and a second part to be sent only after the end of the work.

How to fill in the single form to install a photovoltaic roof?

Is called "Single model for the construction, connection and operation of small photovoltaic systems integrated on the roofs of buildings"and it's super easy to fill out. In the first part, the data of the user who intends to install thephotovoltaic roof details on the start and type of work:

  • personal data of the user (name, place of birth, tax code or VAT number, contact details)
  • installation data (start date of works, system power, inverter power, sampling point, address and data of the building that will host the photovoltaic roof)
  • accumulator capacity (only if provided)
  • request for connection to the electricity grid for injection
  • authorization to debit your ownBank accountthe costs of connection to the electricity grid (current account holder and iban)
  • Date and frima.

The second part of theunique modelmust be sent at the end of the works byinstallation of the photovoltaic roof. This is a simple communication in which the user warns the competent authorities that the installation was successful, confirming the nominal power of the system, inverters and storage devices. The user must also provide the specifications of the solar cells used (brand and model of solar modules, inverters, interface protection systems ...). If energy storage systems have been used it will be necessary to enter the brand and model.

For more information on data transmission and the limiting conditions of the single model, I refer you to the articleHow the single model for photovoltaics works.

Photovoltaic roof and on-site exchange

Thanks to the second part of the single model it will be possible to access the service ofexchange on the spot. For this purpose it will again be necessary to indicate iban and current account holder to allow the GSE to credit the proceeds derived from the provision of the on-site exchange service.

Attached at the end of the page is the pdf file of the single model to request the construction, connection and commissioning of a photovoltaic roof.

Single Model, first and second part - 2-page PDF file.

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