Do-it-yourself glass cleaner

Do-it-yourself glass cleaner

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Cleaning windows and balconies without leaving streaks does not necessarily require the use of special detergents; there are many ad hoc products on the market that are effective in cleaning windows, unfortunately they contain harmful substances!

Fortunately, the window cleaning, like any domestic cleaning, it can also be done in an eco-sustainable and economical way. In this regard we will offer you an eco-recipe of a do-it-yourself detergent for glass cleaning without streaks without having to resort to special rags or newspaper sheets.

Do-it-yourself glass cleaner, the ingredients
For the preparation of the glass cleaner without streaks it will not be necessary to go to the supermarket to get the ingredients; in fact, they are all easily available at home.

  • 600 ml of water
  • 200 ml of white vinegar
  • 200 ml of alcohol
  • Spray container with dispenser preferably recycled from an old exhausted one

Note: rinse the container before use, so as to prevent detergent residues from compromising the homemade mixture.

DIY glass cleaner, preparation

  1. Take the container and pour in the water then add the vinegar and then the alcohol
  2. Once this is done, mix the mixture with a lot of help with the handle of a kitchen spoon: the length must reach the bottom of the container.
  3. Put a label on the package with the words "glass cleaner" so as not to get confused with the other packages.
  4. Your DIY glass cleaner is ready to use right away

Do-it-yourself glass cleaner, the application
Spray a small amount of the mixture directly on the surface to be cleaned and rub vigorously with a sheet of newspaper previously rolled up, making sure to pass the product over the entire surface: be careful, the newspaper ink dries perfectly, it does not stain the glass but it can stain your hands, so remember to wear gloves.

Useful tips

  • Roll up the newspaper and moisten it with a direct spray before placing it on the glass and on the parts to be cleaned.
  • To avoid the danger of halos, perform circular movements on the entire surface affected by washing.
  • To dry, use other sheets of newspaper always well balled up
  • To facilitate completely streak-free window cleaning, do not clean the windows when they are directly exposed to sunlight. The direct heat of the sun maximizes the drying speed and when a glass dries immediately it can, in fact, run into halos.
  • Use the same compound to clean the mirrors

In addition to the glass cleaner, we can make many other ecological do-it-yourself detergents so as to spend less and save the planet. Among the natural detergents to be prepared with do-it-yourself we recommend the article "Recipes for making ecological detergents"

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