Install solar panels on the roof of the apartment building

I can install solar panels on the condominium roof? In principle, the answer is yes, it is possible to continue with theinstallation of solar panels on the roof of the condominium but we must proceed with due caution. Let's see what the law tells us regarding solar systems on the condominium roof.

Install solar panels on the roofit is a good investment for those who want to save electricity in the long term. The self-generation of electricity greatly lightens the electricity bill and frees us, at least in part, from the local network. Also, who intends install solar panels on the roof, also that of condominium, is supported by a series of tax breaks. Forinstall solar panels on the roof of the condominiumyou have to follow a process so as not to violate the laws governing condominium life.

Article 1122 bis of the civil code allows the individual inhabitant to install solar panels on the roof of the condominium even if the energy produced by the system will only be used by the single housing unit owned exclusively by the installer. THE solar panels can be installed on all common parts of the condominium (roof, pavements ...) and the aspiring installer has the obligation to communicate his will to the condominium administration indicating, in detail, what works he will have to carry out to build the system.

After the communication, the assembly condominium may (this is a simple faculty of the assembly but not an obligation, therefore the condominium assembly may not intervene at all) or not impose alternative methods to the aspiring installer for the execution of the panel installation work, or ask him for adequate measures only if necessary (safety adjustments of the building structure or for the architectural decoration of the building).

If the condominiums do not agree to theinstallation of solar panels on the roof by a single owner of the housing unit, they will be able to ask the condominium assembly for the conditions on the use of the roof or pavement on which the photovoltaic system will be installed.

The condominiums will be able to make requests taking into account the other forms of use already in place on the roof. If the condominium assembly intervenes, it will be possible to reach the votes and it will be necessary to reach the majority of those present that represents at least two thirds of the thousandth value of the condominium complex as required by Article 1136, 5th paragraph of the civil code.

Once the same majority has been reached, the assembly will be able to require the aspiring installer to pay a sum as a deposit to cover any damage to the roof or to other parties involved in the installation of the photovoltaic roof. The assembly, also on an optional basis, could also ask the installer to carry out or set maintenance plans with specific rules.

For install solar panels on the roof of the condominium, in addition to the clearance of the condominium administration (which can be denied only with tangible reasons and only after a vote) it will be necessary to report the start of businessWake, in fact, no building permit is required. The Scia is sufficient as long as the solar panels are mounted on the wooden pergola.

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