Bad smells from the washing machine, all the remedies

Bad smells from the washing machine, all the remedies

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Bad smells from the washing machine: how to eliminate the smell from the washing machine door. Natural remedies (vinegar, bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide ...) and specific products. Instructions for cleaning the filter.

As well as bad smells from the sink, those from the washing machine are also very frequent and have common causes.

Your washing machine struggles week after week. If you want to save on your bill, you will certainly have a full load of the washing machine and maybe every weekend ... Along with these habits you should take care of the cleaning of this appliance that is too often neglected. Washing after washing, the dirt of clothes and the residues of detergents themselves tend to form foul-smelling deposits.

THE bad smells from the washing machine they could nest in any part: basket, gaskets or pipes. I recommend that you carry out a complete cleaning of each of these parts. To clean and remedy the it stinks in the washing machine, you can use simple baking soda, vinegar or more specific remedies. Let's see how to do it together.

How to eliminate bad smells from the washing machine with vinegar

A short wash at 50 ° C done by loading the detergent compartment with vinegar, is a good way to eliminate bad smells from the washing machine however, if your appliance has been neglected for a long time, it may not be effective.

How to eliminate bad smells from the washing machine with baking soda

Remember to clean the detergent dispenser regularly and once a month, do a vacuum wash after sprinkling the basket with baking soda and / or vinegar. This is a good solution to prevent the appearance of bad odors.

If odors are already present, load the basket with a single spoonful of baking soda. Take two lemons and make the juice. Put the lemon juice in the liquid detergent inlet. Do a light wash with baking soda and lemon. Both natural remedies have a strong odor absorbing power.

How to get rid of bad smells from the washing machine

If you've already tried eliminate bad smells from the washing machine with vinegar and / or baking soda but you haven't had the results you hoped for (it happens if the dirt deposits are very seasoned!), you will be forced to use a specific product.

The washing machine care for perfuming and cleaning the interior

On the market there are different types of care-washing machine,these are products that pride themselves on not only eliminating bad smells but also on scenting the washing machine drum and protecting every part of this appliance. Among the products on the market I point out the Super-Clean, a package is offered on Amazon at a price of 14.39 euros with free shipping.

For every information:Super Clean Care Washing Machine

This product will circulate degreasing agents capable of eliminating dirt deposits from every component of the washing machine. With one package you can do 10 treatments.

After the first treatment on, you can start following a good maintenance of the washing machine so that you don't have to fall into the problem againbad smells.

This product is useful not only forsanitize the washing machineand delete anyit smells like sewerlinked to dirty gaskets and detergent residues. This product is very useful because it allows thecleaning the filter. Although it is manufactured by Electrolux, this product is useful for all types ofwashing machinebe it big or small.

During use, you will not notice the formation of even an iota of foam. This product has no foaming agents and to clean uses sanitizing agents that goliterally to dissolve the dirt.

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