Beautiful and healthy plants after the holidays

Beautiful and healthy plants after the holidays

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How to keep the beautiful and healthy plants while we are on vacation? If we can't hire someone to go and look at them, we have two problems to solve: light and water. The second is the main problem of plants when you go on vacation and it must be for this reason that various types of irrigation micro-systems have spread on the market, but not always effective.

A system that is always valid in order not to lack moisture and to find again beautiful and healthy plants on returning from a prolonged vacation, let's say three weeks or a month, it is this: water the plants sufficiently and then wrap them (including the pot) in a transparent plastic sheet whose ends you will tie at the top; place them so that they receive the northern light and leave them like that until you return, when you will undo the knots without removing the cloth around the vases.

Plants need at least a day to readjust to the temperature of the environment after being locked up in plastic, so don't be in a hurry since they don't have any. After 24 hours and not before you can remove the package and put the plants back where they were before, taking care to give a good welcome back watering.

If you are away for no more than 10 days, the bag is not needed. You can get yours back beautiful plants and healthy simply by placing them in a point inside the house or on the terrace where they will receive sufficient light, but not exposed to the sun; water them well, fill the saucer with expanded clay granules and water and place the pot on top. The water in the saucer will constitute a water reserve from which the plant will draw the moisture necessary for survival.

In any case remember that to have beautiful and healthy plants a little drought is preferable to an excess of humidity. Water must be given the bare minimum, obviously taking into account the different needs of each individual essence. As for the light, which the plants must not miss for too long, the problem is easier to solve because even the one that filters through the shutters or roller shutters can suffice. If, on the other hand, the pots are on the balcony or terrace, remember to always avoid direct sun.

Here you can buy expanded clay in 5 liter bags

A system for watering plants that does not require plants and computers is the self-irrigation probe

Or there is complex water

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