Green roofs at the Milan EXPO

The abundance of green roofs it is an architectural feature of the Milan EXPO, a true triumph of lawns and plants on the roofs of the pavilions. On the one hand the need to use all but all the paid space available, on the other the fashion of green roof with its advantages in terms of thermal insulation and comfort. I think these are the two reasons for roof garden mania that infects universal exposure.

Plus the second to be serious and looking at the cities of Europe where i green roofs increase. Because they save energy as much as a well insulated roof, but they also clean up fine dust and color the gray of buildings green. And then today they don't even cost that much: 100-120 euros / sqm for a green roof with a hanging garden with small plants. If you want trees, the price goes up, of course.

Of green roof at EXPO there is that of South Korea: an expanse of sedum in homage to South European vegetation. On that of Turmekistan you can walk, complete with pedestrian paths lined with iceberg roses and shrubs, cherry trees, sedum and daisies. Kazakhstan has brought a piece of its own landscape and on green roof of the pavilion he has installed shrubs that recall the Caucasian steppe. Belgium has chosen a green lawn as have Qatar and Oman, which have added fescue, fragrant plants, colored planters and colored herbaceous essences. The green roof it is also noticeable on the Mac Donald's pavilions, New Holland and the Open Theater.

A green roof it is a hanging garden where the vegetable garden can also do it, something that many people dream of, but it also and above all has advantages for the building for the environment.

Green roofs: benefits for buildings

Living comfort: the roof is a fundamental component for the thermal of the houses below; a green roof it helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter like a well insulated and breathable roof. This results in savings on the energy used for heating and cooling, up to 30% in the best cases.

Another lesser known advantage of the roof garden is that it makes the roof last longer: soil and grass protect the waterproof covering from UV rays, frost and mechanical damage. And also from noises because the green roof it works as a soundproofing barrier, which is no small feat near an airport. Obviously everything must be done in a workmanlike manner.

Green roofs: the benefits for the environment

In the city The hanging gardens on green roofs prevent flooding. The water retention of a garden roof reaches 70-90% of rainfall, which means less water on the street and the possibility of better channeling clear water. Another benefit for the community is that a green roof helps filter out fine dust.

Video: Green Roofs (January 2022).